Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Alabama's Abortion Ban - SNL


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  • Beka Leebrick
    Beka Leebrick  23 hours back

    What was happening to Colin at the beginning

    • teslagirl1
      teslagirl1  2 days back

      I wish I could have a pajama party with Leslie Jones, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Maya Rudolph, Rosalyn Carter, Betty White and the ghosts of Shirley Chisholm and Gracie Burns.

      • ꧁Wesley꧂
        ꧁Wesley꧂  2 days back

        It has nothing to do with being a woman, it has everything to do with killing children.... how do they not get this!?

        • Amy Kline
          Amy Kline  2 days back

          Then men should figure out a way to carry the fetus. Until then, shut the fuck up. No self-respecting woman gives a flat fuck what any man says about abortion. Until you can get pregnant, it is none of your fucking business.

      • Lara Snider
        Lara Snider  3 days back

        Best SNL clip ever. I want that t-shirt!

        • Andrea Becker
          Andrea Becker  4 days back

          That’s such a lame argument. No one cares what women do to their bodies. It’s the other body people care about. Human rights?

          • Amy Kline
            Amy Kline  2 days back

            Ok. Because men are tripping over themselves to figure out a way to carry a pregnancy, right? It has nothing to do with my body, except that it is INSIDE my fucking body. You're dumb. Your views are nothing but bullshit you bought into on some hillbilly news source or at church. Show me a funeral for a 10 week old fetus and I might actually listen to you call a clump of cells a baby.

        • Jeffrey Kircher
          Jeffrey Kircher  4 days back

          Get rid of roe v wade. N btw it isnt your property. N it aint ur fuckin choice to murder a baby. Its ur choice to have sex or be abstinence. Deal with the consequences. That baby is a gift from God. Its a blessing and u satanists want to kill em. Shame on u ppl.

          • Amy Kline
            Amy Kline  2 days back

            Do you have a womb? Then shut the fuck up. Get a vasectomy. Don't ever have sex unless you want a child. Hell, don't even beat off, because you know, those little cells are possible children.

        • RoseisoutofherTOGA
          RoseisoutofherTOGA  4 days back

          I want that shirt

          • Nate Straw
            Nate Straw  5 days back

            Ms. Jones, this is why you're great.

            • Margie Jones
              Margie Jones  5 days back

              Leslie is amazing and Colin is awesome too. Love them both!

              • Hannah animations
                Hannah animations  5 days back

                I am 5foot6, 123 pounds, bisexual, Caucasian and I support the right for women to get abortions because IT IS OUR RIGHT AS A FEMALE TO DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO OUR BODY AND IF YOU THINK THATS WRONG WELL THE WOMAN ARMY IS COMING

                • Pete
                  Pete  6 days back

                  This is a tragedy. Snl has completely lost all sense of comedy.

                  • Adele Sinagra
                    Adele Sinagra  6 days back

                    I love that Leslie is for female empowerment... but abortion isn't about female empowerment. We as women are capable of making decisions up until a conception of a human life- the choice whether or not to have sex, the choice to use contraception properly, the choice to educate ourselves on the results of unprotected sexual activity. I get that everyone is outraged with the 25 male senators because they're male, but like Leslie said, the female governor signed off on the bill, and she was happy to do it. All the legislators involved in pro-life laws care about "what women are doing with their bodies" because it isn't just their body, it's also the body of a defenseless fetus, which is by definition a human. If they were fighting against a woman's right to sexual activity before contraception, that would be a different issue, but that's not what this law is about. The only reason I'm posting this is because pro-life people aren't getting any representation in the media right now, and I feel like the majority of people who are supporting pro-choice rhetoric are blindly going along with it because they don't realize what abortion actually is. So I'm open for discussion, but will not tolerate slurs, hate, or generalizations about me or my position, and won't do the same to you. :)

                    • Amy Kline
                      Amy Kline  2 days back

                      Ummm. You might be surprised at how often that decision is taken away by husbands/

                  • Amy Sternheim
                    Amy Sternheim  6 days back

                    "OfJost!" LOL

                    • Gabe Bazurto
                      Gabe Bazurto  6 days back

                      WOMEN stop voting these guys in its that simple!

                      • teresa p
                        teresa p  6 days back

                        Right just another way men can control women

                        • Meghan McCoy
                          Meghan McCoy  7 days back

                          Babies are also the same as humans..

                          • Ham Sandwich
                            Ham Sandwich  7 days back

                            Location of a baby doesn't give anyone the right to kill the baby, nor does the baby's necessity of care that you may or may not be able to provide. A baby's body is not your body, and therefore NOT your choice.

                            • James Alexander
                              James Alexander  7 days back

                              burned 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thoroughly! lmao!🤣🤣🤣 she said the "casting call for a Lipitor ad" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                              • Josie Joyner
                                Josie Joyner  7 days back

                                THAT BITCH JONES

                                • strawberry redz
                                  strawberry redz  7 days back

                                  Leslie Dracarys Jones lol

                                  • Handbag Lover
                                    Handbag Lover  1 weeks back

                                    ROFL. Leslie should do this on all topics. Love it!

                                    • Mason Hoyle
                                      Mason Hoyle  1 weeks back

                                      It’s not the woman’s life it’s the baby’s

                                      • Rigo Ibarra
                                        Rigo Ibarra  1 weeks back

                                        Preach, girlfriend!

                                        • Mariana Neto
                                          Mariana Neto  1 weeks back

                                          Colin looks like a human smiling emoji it's weird

                                          • joe Belcher
                                            joe Belcher  1 weeks back

                                            Crass, indicative of the late SNL. Hate speech at its most ironic.

                                            • Evan Crissinger
                                              Evan Crissinger  1 weeks back

                                              This isn't funny. How about you stupid lefty women stop fu**ing every man that gives you the time? SNL is just leftist propaganda. NOT FUNNY!

                                              • Amy Kline
                                                Amy Kline  2 days back

                                                Or maybe husbands could stop raping their wives to keep them in their place while he goes out to cheat with escorts. Are you people actually so ignorant to think abortions are due topromiscuity? Do you actually not know how many women are forcibly impregnated? Tell men to keep their dick to themselves, dumb ass. That would solve the entire problem.

                                            • InfamousMiku
                                              InfamousMiku  1 weeks back

                                              opinions on abortion are like nipples.
                                              everyone has em, but woman's are just a lot more relevant.

                                              • Paul Dana
                                                Paul Dana  1 weeks back

                                                Women have been having abortions for thousands of years and will
                                                continue having abortions whether you like it or not. The issue is them
                                                having SAFE abortions performed by a medical doctor; not a barber or an
                                                iron worker. Prior to the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling many women died from
                                                complications like bleeding, infections, and punctured uterus's but
                                                after the ruling they can now have SAFE abortions with very few
                                                complications. The evil pro-lifers want to FORCE women to have the
                                                unsafe abortions knowing many of them will die an excruciating death.

                                                • Weltschmerz von Gavagai

                                                  Why muricans laugh at these political comedy like it’s something nothing serious?

                                                  • Samantha Harrell
                                                    Samantha Harrell  2 weeks back

                                                    She is one of the actors in ghost busters in 2016.

                                                    • Andi amo
                                                      Andi amo  2 weeks back

                                                      4 minutes in....where are the punch lines???

                                                      • Ron Smith
                                                        Ron Smith  2 weeks back

                                                        nothing funny about baby murderers. Yahoo, isn't murdering children against your tos?

                                                        • King Kinjikitile
                                                          King Kinjikitile  2 weeks back

                                                          Pregnancy is not your body. Feel free to chop off your head instead

                                                          • Opel Aurora
                                                            Opel Aurora  2 weeks back

                                                            I'm a fan of SNL and Leslie Jones but in no way was this funny. And women DO have a choice. A choice to use birth control, a choice not to sleep around, etc. Once the baby exists it's no longer a choice. You already made a choice when you laid down.

                                                            • Amy Kline
                                                              Amy Kline  2 days back

                                                              You forget that many women do not get a choice. And don't spew some bullshit 1% of abortions are from rape statistic. That is a fucking lie. Tell men to keep control of their dicks before you worry about what a woman does after the fact. Marital rape and fertility abuse is REAL. Fucking idiot

                                                          • Michelle Zubatch
                                                            Michelle Zubatch  2 weeks back


                                                            • Paul Baker
                                                              Paul Baker  2 weeks back

                                                              YOU MAD BECAUSE CRAZY SOME WHITE DUDE THINKS KILLING THE UNBORN IS,. IDK,, WRONG???

                                                              • Paul Baker
                                                                Paul Baker  2 weeks back



                                                                • Steve Snellgrove
                                                                  Steve Snellgrove  2 weeks back

                                                                  So you and millions of women can continue to use abortion as birth control ... it’s evil and you know it .. you and your likeminded people are never considering the babies.. it is murder of innocent babies !... please change your ways and ask God for forgiveness!

                                                                  • Daddy D.W.
                                                                    Daddy D.W.  2 weeks back

                                                                    This woman is a gem

                                                                    • Conner Broeker
                                                                      Conner Broeker  2 weeks back

                                                                      That baby living inside you is not you.

                                                                      • misslisa1120
                                                                        misslisa1120  2 weeks back

                                                                        I wanna be Leslie Jones' best friend. Love her. Thank you for saying everything that was on my mind but couldn't articulate into words.

                                                                        • Rick Carter
                                                                          Rick Carter  2 weeks back

                                                                          *sexist, racist, anti-Christian baby killer...*

                                                                          • Amy Kline
                                                                            Amy Kline  2 days back

                                                                            Misogynistic, religious zealot, hypocrite.

                                                                        • Kevin Tideson
                                                                          Kevin Tideson  2 weeks back


                                                                          • Pulha Da Moita
                                                                            Pulha Da Moita  2 weeks back

                                                                            the black dude is just ugly and unfunny :X

                                                                            • ingwis
                                                                              ingwis  2 weeks back

                                                                              Yassss Leslie thank you, finally a woman with proverbial) balls speaking out against abortion bans! So many women aligning themselves with misogynistic Republicans or too chicken shit to speak up about it. This is the kind of public figure we need! Interesting how having a big body seems to liberate a woman enough from the male gaze that she gains room to speak up, lay it down and be heard.

                                                                              • Nathan Groenevelt
                                                                                Nathan Groenevelt  2 weeks back

                                                                                Really getting sick of this, "the handmaid's tale is reality" crap. Way too many women i know are trying to syncretize this show with recent events. Probably the fact i can't stand Leslie Jones and how she can rarely deliver a line or hold a straight face unless she's the center of attention, Leslie Jones isn't funny.

                                                                                • fractally
                                                                                  fractally  2 weeks back

                                                                                  A CORPSE can refuse to let medicine touch its organs, even though the corpse cannot use them, and donating will probably save several BORN LIVES.
                                                                                  Who dares to say I have less rights to decide the fate of my organs than a corpse?

                                                                                  • scarrmd
                                                                                    scarrmd  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Hooray for human infant genocide.