Shawn Porter, Abner Mares demo: Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams | INSIDE PBC BOXING


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    PBC ON FOX   2 months back

    What did you think about the demo?

    • East Love
      East Love  2 weeks back


    • Mis-ter Solitude
      Mis-ter Solitude  1 months back

      @Who Killed Me? thats a different kind of demo

    • Who Killed Me?
      Who Killed Me?  1 months back

      Good stuff, but too short. The woman is hot and her buttock looks hot in that tight dress.

    • GED Gert
      GED Gert  1 months back

      Yeah it was good shows how much boxing intellect they have

    • Andrew Schwapp
      Andrew Schwapp  2 months back

      PBC ON FOX dope by both guys, we need more

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G  2 weeks back

    Fox is giving us more content than HBO did. Look how compelling this is to the fight fan.

    • Layne Scott
      Layne Scott  1 months back

      I read Porter and Mare’s Contract demanded them to wear Orthopedic Shoes to get the Job !

      • Dimitri Davis
        Dimitri Davis  1 months back

        They both was wrong. Williams spanked that lil hype job

        • A M
          A M  1 months back

          They were right on , Amber said he had to get him early throw that right and stamina . Good job from both.

          • kaotikhip
            kaotikhip  1 months back

            Just got done watching the fight, ABNA WAS RIGHT ON !!

            • jflow 1992
              jflow 1992  1 months back

              Yeah he really was.

              Both of them are so good at this.

          • Box Mad
            Box Mad  1 months back

            Met abner mares in Vegas last week for the Canelo fight, really cool guy 👍🏼

            Btw the presenter Rachel used to work on Sky sports back in the U.K. she’s on another level 😍👌🏽

            • Marvin Williams
              Marvin Williams  1 months back

              Kate got cake

              • Hardknock Nights Live
                Hardknock Nights Live  1 months back


                • Esteban Loiza
                  Esteban Loiza  1 months back

                  Great breakdown kate looking sensational

                  • BLACK LIFE BLACK
                    BLACK LIFE BLACK  1 months back

                    DAM ..THAT CHIICK FINE .........WHERE MY VASOLINE !!!

                    • H R
                      H R  1 months back


                  • The Truth
                    The Truth  1 months back

                    I think Shawn Porter has a better career in showbiz. haha

                    • dblshotz75
                      dblshotz75  1 months back

                      Two time welterweight champion. Hes doing ok

                  • Ant 718
                    Ant 718  1 months back

                    It's crazy that porter and abner are the same height

                    • Layne Scott
                      Layne Scott  1 months back

                      Ant 718
                      Mares is 5’5 with Orthopedic Shoes and Porter has 2 inches on him.

                  • Rene Alvarez
                    Rene Alvarez  1 months back

                    She's stunning.

                    • Him Shu
                      Him Shu  1 months back

                      Good show

                      • Who Killed Me?
                        Who Killed Me?  1 months back

                        Good stuff, but too short. The woman is hot and her buttock looks hot in that tight dress.

                        • H R
                          H R  1 months back

                          Smh lol

                      • MyEmail
                        MyEmail  1 months back

                        They are copying espn a los golpes

                        • Alejandro Garcia
                          Alejandro Garcia  1 months back

                          Its nice to see these athletes doing this..its an art and porter doing a good job on da show

                          • Jeff Real
                            Jeff Real  1 months back

                            kate is beautiful

                            • Mr Long
                              Mr Long  1 months back

                              abner mares is a racist and Shawn Porter is a sellout for letting him say the N word around him.

                              • SuperBigSlurpee
                                SuperBigSlurpee  1 months back

                                Mr Long I’m black myself and I hate when ppl like urself don’t know true history, either way ur ignorant but you probably didn’t have anyone tell you the truth about things

                              • Mr Long
                                Mr Long  1 months back

                                t s he's hispanic not black. but I guess two a racist we all look a like right?

                              • t s
                                t s  1 months back

                                They both look dark to me lol

                            • JR FLY
                              JR FLY  2 months back

                              Kate 🌹 ... Your so lovely , beautiful , talented and you have that wonderful accent 😍😍😍

                              • Jason Sellers
                                Jason Sellers  2 months back

                                PBC is the #1 network for boxing fans

                                • Jennifer Parson
                                  Jennifer Parson  1 months back

                                  Definitely PBC is putting on fan friendly fights.

                                • Pancho Villa
                                  Pancho Villa  1 months back

                                  Jason Sellers PBC 🦆Capital

                              • My Dick is Tiny BUT
                                My Dick is Tiny BUT  2 months back

                                Shawn Porter is so good at this

                                • Passive Student
                                  Passive Student  2 months back

                                  Kate look like a full body E.T.

                                  • Billy Joe
                                    Billy Joe  2 months back

                                    Shawn is a natural at this.... Has a job after boxing forsure

                                    • H R
                                      H R  2 months back

                                      They finally show wat Kate was workin wit... I like

                                      • BWES
                                        BWES  2 months back

                                        That leather dress.....

                                      • TzFrank
                                        TzFrank  2 months back

                                        Good fight breakdown